Cheryl Santarelli
Customer Relationship Management
Derry , NH

Cheryl Santarelli's Networking Photo

Current Work:
  • Owner/GM at Soon to be SNAP Fitness
  • Previous Work:
  • Customer Care Representative at Trillium Software
  • Sernior Data/Business Analyst/Project Manager at Harte-Hanks Data Technologies
  • Education:
  • MBA, General Management, University of Mass @ Lowell
  • B.S., Mathematics/Economics, University of New Hampshire

  • Summary:
    Customer Relationship Manager/Account Manager with 15 years experience building trusting customer relationships and providing outstanding client support. Recognized for high level of customer retention, and innate ability to uncover and close on additional revenue opportunities. Exceptional in driving multiple client projects simultaneously to completion. Expertise in researching/analyzing customer issues. Team player with ability to teach others. Highly adaptable to all industries.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Owner/GM at Soon to be SNAP Fitness
    September 2009 - Present

    24 hour gym - convenient - no waiting for equipment - we cater to our customers

    Customer Care Representative at Trillium Software
    January 2005 - April 2008

    Worked with customer base and identified new business opportunities by building solid customer relationships. Ensured high customer retention rate and steady/growing maintenance stream. Proactively reached out to customers to ensure satisfaction and informed them of new solutions to meet their business needs. Developed maintenance and new business contracts with legal department. Escalated customer issues and acted as customer champion. Documented all issues/notes using Pivotal Sales Force Automation Tool.

    Sernior Data/Business Analyst/Project Manager at Harte-Hanks Data Technologies
    August 1989 - July 1995

    Project Manager: Managed new clients and process flow from implementation through completion of production cycles. Implemented complex technical process of converting DB2 source files to flat sequential files needed for processing. Senior Analyst : Produced high quality ad hoc requests and created new designs of company’s PC product tailored to different client needs. Prioritized projects and delegated to others for successful completion. Served as a technical resource for analysts and technically supervised a team of four.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    MBA, General Management, University of Mass @ Lowell
    May 1994

    B.S., Mathematics/Economics, University of New Hampshire
    May 1989

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