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Send Out Cards - Senior Manager
Chicago , IL

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Current Work:
  • President at KP Business Momentum
  • Previous Work:
  • Executive Director at The Society of Decorating Professionals (The SDP)
  • co-owner at Redesigning Interiors
  • Education:
  • MSM, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management
  • BSIE, Ergonomics, Purdue Universite

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    President at KP Business Momentum
    January 2009 - Present

    Helping new entrepreneurs appreciate their 'perfect clients' with real cards in the real mail (Send Out Cards) or cleverly written e-newsletters and bulletins (Constant Contact)

    Executive Director at The Society of Decorating Professionals (The SDP)
    April 2006 - September 2008

    Empowering your Decorating Voice...check-out

    co-owner at Redesigning Interiors
    August 1999 - December 2007

    Artfully arranged your furniture & Stage your home to sell for top dollar, or give you a fresh, new look. We taught over 300 women to have their own Home Staging and Interior Redesign & Decorating businesses

    Detailed Education Summary:

    MSM, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management
    June 1987

    BSIE, Ergonomics, Purdue Universite
    May 1983

    I worked in the co-op program for Union Carbide's EverReady Batteries in Bennington, VT and Greenville, NC

    Conversation History: (37 total)

    Date Person
    08/03/09 Liz Isaacs
    08/03/09 Ciro DiSclafani
    08/03/09 Paul Vinnitsky
    06/11/09 Biba Pedron
    06/11/09 James Clemens
    06/11/09 Lynn M. Wilson RN BSN
    06/11/09 lynn lee
    06/11/09 Warren Rosiak
    06/11/09 Wesley Watkis
    06/11/09 Bonnie Dubrow
    06/11/09 Joan Criswell
    06/11/09 Jeffrey Hattem
    06/09/09 lynn lee
    06/09/09 Biba Pedron
    06/09/09 Kerri Salls
    05/28/09 Kristi Arndt
    05/28/09 Sharon Lindenburger
    05/28/09 Louise DiSclafani
    05/28/09 Joan Criswell
    05/28/09 Susan Houck
    05/28/09 Bob Gallo
    05/28/09 Davette Harvey
    05/28/09 Bonnie Dubrow
    05/28/09 Bonnie Gortler
    05/28/09 .
    05/21/09 Sharon Lindenburger
    05/21/09 Jaci Weissman
    05/21/09 Mike Majikas
    05/21/09 Donna Amos
    05/21/09 Bonnie Dubrow
    05/21/09 Daniel Stoica
    05/21/09 Margie Basaraba
    05/21/09 Patricia Weber
    05/21/09 Eddie Zalayet
    05/21/09 John W Howell
    05/21/09 Leah Elise Curry