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College Admissions Marketer
Norfolk , MA

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Current Work:
  • Owner at PreCollegePrep
  • Education:
  • BA, Philosophy, Assumption College
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    I offer professional college admission help with my ability to market college-bound students to colleges like products to be purchased. I create a brand for each of my students as an easy way for the colleges to instantly identify the student's passion for something, a quality that colleges dream about in order to make easier their 'purchase' decision to admit an applicant.

    Creating a brand for a student is no different than creating a logo for a product in order to achieve instant consumer recognition for an easier purchase decision.

    The end result is a student who truly stands apart from the rest of the competition to get into the same college.

    In effect, my marketing strategy is to make the college the consumer who is anxious to purchase my product - the student.


    I'm a published author who oversees the writing of the college application essay;

    I'm the only college admissions advisor in the country who has written a highly-acclaimed book on leadership, which is the number one quality sought after by college admission people;

    I created a proprietary interview technique your student exercises with ease, which makes the unmotivated student look very appealing and more likely to be accepted; and,

    I have 8 years of financial aid experience that has given students thousands of extra dollars in unexpected financial aid.
    Author, speaker, and marketer.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Owner at PreCollegePrep
    September 2001 - Present

    I'm a college admissions coach and financial aid specialist. With 25 years in marketing, I design, package and sell high school students to colleges. I have a book on the whole college process and just produced my first DVD that is available for for sale on my homepage.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BA, Philosophy, Assumption College
    June 1968

    Wrote my first attempt at a book when I was a senior - something wildly esoteric and equally irrelevant.

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