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Relationship Coach, Author of "Men are Great", Founder of The Heart Matters
Lawrence , MA

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My Best Referral Is:
A woman who wants a scrumptious relationship with a man (whether she's single, or involved/married), is smart, coachable and willing to invest herself in the work (sense of humor is a great plus!). Know anyone like that?

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  • Founder at The Heart Matters

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    Founder at The Heart Matters
    November 1997 - Present

    I help women have scrumptious relationships with men. Published 'Men are Great' in 2007.

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    Date Person
    09/02/09 Franco Diaz
    09/02/09 Angelina Moscatelli
    09/02/09 Davis Cox
    09/02/09 Elizabeth Garvey
    09/02/09 Brent Trethewey
    09/02/09 Dan Edmonds
    09/02/09 Ted Behr
    09/02/09 Paul Cronin
    09/02/09 joseph grillo
    09/02/09 Chris Faris
    09/02/09 Allen Knoll
    05/20/09 Brenda Gelston
    05/20/09 Christine Novosielski
    05/20/09 Ed Tremblay
    05/20/09 Lael Johnson
    05/20/09 Greg Hillson
    05/20/09 Margie Basaraba
    05/20/09 Scott Otis
    05/20/09 Kevin Donahue
    05/20/09 Shari Graham
    05/20/09 Aimee Yawnick
    05/20/09 Adam Shorr
    05/20/09 Shella Fitzpatrick
    05/20/09 Colin Murray
    05/20/09 Michael S. Kraft
    05/20/09 Cheryl Santarelli
    05/20/09 Jesscy Heimer
    05/20/09 Dan Edmonds
    05/20/09 Linda K Waters
    05/20/09 Hilary Badoian
    05/20/09 Phil Hamilton