Wendy Juergens
Independent Distributor, Reliv Int'l

Wendy Juergens's Networking Photo

Current Work:
  • Independent Distributor at Reliv Int'l
  • Owner at Pump Grump, Inc.
  • Previous Work:
  • Executive Assistant at Fluor Daniel GTI
  • Owner at Office Aid
  • Education:
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology/Business Management, Stonehill College

  • Summary:
    Wendy enjoys meeting new people and connecting them with others who may have interest in their services or products. She has enjoyed an active life and has many interests. Wendy is married and is the mother of two adult sons.
    Networking, writing, and editing.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Independent Distributor at Reliv Int'l
    August 2002 - Present

    Reliv International is a leading, cutting-edge nutraceutical company (since 1988) that offers a money-back guarantee on its products AND the business.

    Owner at Pump Grump, Inc.
    May 2002 - Present

    Septic pumping company founded by my husband and me. www.pumpgrump.com

    Executive Assistant at Fluor Daniel GTI
    June 1986 - March 1998

    Positions held were assistant to project manager, assistant to newly appointed director of International operations. Went on to be assistant to VP Human Resources, VP Marketing, and CFO. Enjoyed international travel while serving as Int'l HR and Health & Safety liaison.

    Owner at Office Aid
    June 1975 - June 1986

    Provided administrative support, third-party billing, as well as writing and editing services to local businesses and individuals.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Bachelor of Arts, Psychology/Business Management, Stonehill College
    May 2006

    Conversation History: (40 total)

    Date Person
    09/01/09 Carolyn Radellant
    09/01/09 Kristi Arndt
    08/04/09 Tony Mack
    08/04/09 Amy Grossman
    08/04/09 Anne Bruce
    07/23/09 Marla Robbins
    07/23/09 Florette Anderson
    07/23/09 Craig Edwards
    07/23/09 lynn lee
    07/23/09 Janet Wise
    07/21/09 Liz Isaacs
    07/21/09 Tamara Mason
    07/21/09 Patricia Weber
    07/07/09 Hilary Badoian
    07/07/09 Sylvie Giguere
    07/07/09 Kathleen Ellis
    06/17/09 Shella Fitzpatrick
    06/17/09 Peter E. O'Neil
    06/17/09 Brad Olinger
    06/17/09 Natalya Fayerman
    06/17/09 David O'Neil
    06/17/09 Chris Hollis
    06/17/09 Ellen Feinberg
    06/17/09 Craig Edwards
    06/17/09 Ashlee Robertson
    06/17/09 Roman Segal
    06/17/09 Alan Lovitz
    06/17/09 Lalitha Ramakrishnan
    06/17/09 Joan Criswell
    06/17/09 James Clemens
    06/17/09 Mihkerlange Jean-Louis
    06/16/09 Leslie Bane
    06/16/09 Bonnie Gortler
    06/16/09 Joan Criswell
    05/28/09 Heather Price
    05/28/09 Barbara Waicker Larrabee
    05/28/09 Hilary Badoian
    05/28/09 Susan Houck
    05/28/09 Kristi Arndt
    05/28/09 Donna Amos