Mompreneur, Internet Shopping Professional & Earth Advocate
Satellite Beach , FL

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  • Mompreneur, Shopping Pro at Shop to Earn/Shop to Earth

  • Summary:
    If your bank paid you 33% on your savings account you'd invest there, wouldn't you? What if they gave you cash back for shopping at your favorite stores too? What if they paid you every time you told somebody about it? It'd be a 'no brainer' right?

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Mompreneur, Shopping Pro at Shop to Earn/Shop to Earth
    March 2009 - Present

    I save money, gas, and most importantly TIME by shopping online. I get CASH BACK, I use coupon codes, I get free shipping and I earn miles for all my purchases. And the best part is this: I get paid to teach people how to do the same.

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