Linda Youngsma
Tulare , CA

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Someone who wants to appreciate their family, friends, co workers an easy affordable way.....and...someone who likes making a little or a LOT of money!

Current Work:
  • Lap Top LifeStyle! at with Send Out Cards
  • Senior Manager at Send Out Cards
  • Education:
  • Real Estate Broker, High School and Some college

  • Summary:
    I have been gleefully married for 30 years. My husband and I have a beautifully blended family of four children and nine grand children.
    I was attracted to network marketing by the money that can be made but I have gained so very much more than money could ever buy. The relationships with truly amazing people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet through any 'traditional' business. Plus the personal growth and what I, as an individual, am becoming.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Lap Top LifeStyle! at with Send Out Cards
    January 2011 - Present

    "work" from this simple three step process of going to the site, sending a card, watching a short video then see which way you'd like to get started...that's it

    Senior Manager at Send Out Cards
    May 2008 - Present

    Whether it's for business or pleasure, Everyone needs to make people in their life feel special and appreciated, to know they matter ~ thank them tell them you care. UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL whether you need a little extra money or desire FINANCIAL FREEDOM, this simple yet profound company can be your answer! Feel free to go to my site and experience sending a card to 559.358.0377

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Real Estate Broker, High School and Some college
    January 2009

    Conversation History: (102 total)

    Date Person
    01/17/11 Huy Hoang
    01/17/11 Tracy Walters
    01/17/11 Wayne Heard
    01/17/11 Chris Hollis
    06/03/10 Tanja Marshall
    06/03/10 Linda L Wilson
    06/03/10 Chris Hollis
    06/03/10 Carl Contino
    06/03/10 Lynn Scheurell
    06/03/10 Dana Little-Walker
    05/06/10 WOW Network
    05/06/10 Lori Rosa
    05/06/10 Reno Lovison
    05/06/10 Patrice Ruggieri
    05/06/10 Lois Eiler
    05/06/10 George J. Landau
    04/01/10 Kimberly Ochwangi
    04/01/10 Daniel Stoica
    04/01/10 Michael Linehan
    04/01/10 Patricia Weber
    04/01/10 Stacey McSwine
    04/01/10 Birute Sinkeviciute
    04/01/10 Philomena McNamara
    02/16/10 Monique MacKinnon
    02/16/10 Susan Pearl
    02/16/10 Chris Hollis
    02/16/10 Amy Grossman
    02/16/10 Louise DiSclafani
    01/28/10 Chuck Cory
    01/28/10 Jill Lee
    01/28/10 David Jack
    01/28/10 Karen Isaacson Golembeski
    01/28/10 Michael Wolf
    01/28/10 Bonnie Gortler
    01/28/10 Tony Holowitz
    01/28/10 Ciro DiSclafani
    01/28/10 Charlie Boyer
    01/21/10 Chris Hollis
    01/21/10 Ciro DiSclafani
    01/21/10 Patricia Weber
    01/21/10 Kara Glover
    01/21/10 Moyn Keim
    01/21/10 Louise DiSclafani
    01/21/10 Carolyn Beck
    01/21/10 Daniel Stoica
    10/08/09 Mary Burrell
    10/08/09 Chuck Cory
    10/08/09 Candy Turner
    10/08/09 Mark Keehnle
    10/08/09 Ciro DiSclafani
    10/08/09 Minesh Baxi
    10/08/09 Rick Roberge
    10/08/09 Drew Grdina
    10/08/09 Cathy Ulrich
    10/01/09 Steven Saragian
    10/01/09 Denise Lutz
    10/01/09 Ciro DiSclafani
    10/01/09 Chuck Cory
    10/01/09 Richard Tensmeyer
    10/01/09 Ellen Kamp
    10/01/09 Bonnie Gortler
    10/01/09 Amy Grossman
    10/01/09 Ellen Feinberg
    09/10/09 Nolan Collins
    09/10/09 Linda Dessau
    09/10/09 Monique MacKinnon
    09/10/09 Shari Graham
    09/10/09 Jim Roche
    09/10/09 Daniel Stoica
    09/10/09 Amy Grossman
    09/10/09 Bonnie Gortler
    08/20/09 Frank Coleman
    08/20/09 George J. Landau
    08/20/09 Deb Mullen
    08/20/09 Jaci Weissman
    08/20/09 Glen E Phibbs
    08/20/09 Chuck Cory
    08/20/09 Bonnie Dubrow
    08/20/09 Deb Mullen
    08/20/09 George J. Landau
    08/20/09 Bonnie Gortler
    08/20/09 Michael Ferreira
    08/20/09 Ben Potter
    08/17/09 Dale Donnelly
    08/17/09 Chris Hollis
    08/17/09 Deb Mullen
    08/17/09 Patty Herrmann
    08/06/09 Patty Herrmann
    08/06/09 Chris Hollis
    08/06/09 Jaci Weissman
    08/06/09 Patti Seipp
    08/06/09 Mari-Lyn Harris - Your Event Producer
    08/06/09 Chuck Cory
    08/06/09 Florette Anderson
    08/06/09 Gloria Marrero Favreau
    08/06/09 Deb Mullen
    05/26/09 Daniel Stoica
    05/26/09 Bonnie Gortler
    05/26/09 Dan Goodman
    05/26/09 Patty Herrmann