Anne Ide
President of, connecting experienced people (15 yrs) and employers via an on-line jobs board for contract/temp., per diem, consulting or contract/temp-to-hire work in all industries.
Charlton , MA

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  • Current Work:
  • President/Owner at
  • Invention and Marketing Consultant at IdeA Consulting
  • Previous Work:
  • Director of Business Development at WorkTerrain
  • Sales & Marketing Positions at Various Companies
  • Inventor, Marketer at Comfy Kids Products/Wheeler Enterprises
  • Education:
  • Marketing, College of Hard Knocks

  • Summary:
    After my layoff in Oct. 2008, I researched what effects the retiring workforce and the economic downturn will have on the labor force in the future. I decided to create a jobs board (like Monster/Career builders) for experienced (middle aged ) people who want to work contract/temp. or contract/temp. to hire, per diem or consulting.

    The US Labor Bureau predicts that by 2010, 65% of the labor force will be contract employees in order to remain lean and competitive. In other words, hiring people on a project basis and not paying for benefits and health insurance for more revenue.

    I also assist business with marketing projects and invention development projects.
    Problem solving, communications, creativity, with a comfortable style is how I would describe myself.

    Personally, I enjoy sports and reading. I love tennis, golf and scuba diving. Mysteries keep my attention.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    President/Owner at
    January 2009 - Present

    • Created online jobs board for experienced professionals in 3 months and launched April 1, while searching for a permanent job. • Researched website building software to build my site, wrote 16 pages of content and started a blog for SEO. Learned about SEO and integrated keywords and meta tags into the website. • Wrote press release resulting in 2 local print media mentions. Prior press written received national attention. • Make direct contact with businesses to obtain job postings, recently received my first posting. • Utilized social networking sites as well as physical networking functions to get the word out about the website/jobs board and received 150 candidates within 2 months.

    Invention and Marketing Consultant at IdeA Consulting
    January 2009 - Present

    I assist business with marketing projects or invention development, i.e. Marketing Collateral, Communications, Strategies, Website Content, Invention development and business strategies.

    Director of Business Development at WorkTerrain
    July 2007 - October 2008

    Laid off October, 2008 • Created new business division. • Analyzed the employee training and development market, created all collateral sales materials, coordinated printing and distribution, wrote company newsletters, edited web site content, created and implemented email sales campaigns and developed sales forecast. • Managed sales of Training Seminars, Customized Webinars, generated $200,000 in sales in first 5 selling months with additional sales of approx. $250,000 pending. • Hired 10 trainers for delivery of 100+ programs. • Implemented Webinar Technology based on-line/on-demand resulting in financial savings on Web site management, content management and webinar delivery and hosting. • Researched and implemented workforce training grants as a means to increase training sales.

    Sales & Marketing Positions at Various Companies
    January 2001 - June 2007

    Handled Sales and marketing in Video Production, Merchant Accounts, Printing and Telecommunications

    Inventor, Marketer at Comfy Kids Products/Wheeler Enterprises
    September 1988 - December 2000

    Responsible for Product Design, Management and Business Development - • Designed, patented, managed and distributed nationwide, a successful juvenile product, the first of its kind -- from concept to research, prototype and testing through patenting, manufacturing and distribution nationally. The product grew from $200,000 its first year to more than $2 million annually over the next five years. Re-designed and rated #1 due to safety record. • Designed, patented, manufactured and distributed worldwide, a second successful product, the first of its kind, with sales reaching $250,000 annually in two years with continued growth through international distribution. • Wrote press releases resulting in television appearances on the ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC news nationally, talk shows, national magazines and newspapers. • Negotiated and wrote the license agreements for two products in the juvenile and healthcare industries resulting in contracts. • Hired in-house staff and independent sales representatives throughout the country. • Created training materials, promoted and conducted full-day invention seminars in New England, “How to Develop and Market Your Ideas.”

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Marketing, College of Hard Knocks
    June 1981

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