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Senior Dist and trainer Send Out Cards
Salem , WI

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My Best Referral Is:
Homemakers and working parents that are looking for help remembering upcoming family events. Business men that hate going to the store to buy a greeting card for family members. Residual income seekers. Customer service and public relations workers. Caregivers of any kind, that need help organizing correspondence to family, care receivers and other important people in their life. Activity coordinators at retirement facilities, I offer one on one assistance for seniors to send love and greetings to their loved ones when they choose.

  • Current Work:
  • Owner at Cards By Cathy
  • Owner at NaturalAir and Water
  • Previous Work:
  • CNA, medical billing, medical support at various
  • Education:
  • St Francis Hospital School of Nursing
  • Engineering Technology, DeVry Institute of Technology

  • Summary:
    Demonstration and education for caregivers
    of any kind. Virtual franchise training and mentoring.
    Low cost prospecting strategies and networking.
    I easily match people with others that share target groups. Positive Attitude Practitioner.
    Organize and schedule. I can curl my tongue and snap fingers (on both hands.:)

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Owner at Cards By Cathy
    April 2011 - Present

    Networking consultant and mentor for new business owners.

    Owner at NaturalAir and Water
    July 2004 - Present

    Retail healthy living products that address issues created by today's lifestyle. I help reduce costs of your bottom line or develop new businesses.

    CNA, medical billing, medical support at various
    January 2009 - January 2009

    I have held many positions in different medical offices from insurance to vitals. I am a very active volunteer from local Medical Reserve Corp. to the National Legacy program. I help people find solution to environmental problems through healthy living technologies.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    St Francis Hospital School of Nursing
    January 2009

    Met my desire to help people recover and stay healthy.

    Engineering Technology, DeVry Institute of Technology
    January 2009

    Met my passion for Mathmatics and discovering new inventions for improving the quality of life for those with physical challenges.

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