Neil D. Policow
We help organizations run more successful fundraisers. In these times your event needs to stand out from the competition. At LTS LeaderBoard that is exactly what we do.
Sharon , MA

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Current Work:
  • Owner at Metro Mini Links
  • Partner at LTS LeaderBoard
  • Education:
  • BSME, Applications Engineering, Tufts University
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    Annual fundraisers can be a challenge to organize and run successfully, especially in difficut economic times. LeaderBoard uses a multi-media platform to help make your event stand out from your competition. While our principal focus remains in the charlty golf tournament arena, we have broadened our capabilities to black tie galas, raffles, auctions as well as our new interactive presentations that engage your audience.
    Charity fundraising expertise, on site promotions, multi-media presentations, charity golf tournament planning and execution

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Owner at Metro Mini Links
    August 2006 - Present

    Charity golf tournaments in New England are crammed into a 6 month season from April though October. With Metro Mini Links you can scedule your golf themed event indoors or outdoors and literally any time of the year.

    Partner at LTS LeaderBoard
    January 2004 - Present

    LTS LeaderBoard is an entertainment company with a focus on charity golf fundraisers. In the past 5+ years we have helped our clients raise more than $8-1/2 million dollars.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BSME, Applications Engineering, Tufts University
    June 1971

    Organized and participated in the first engineering exchange program between Tufts and the University of Sussex, England.

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