Jim Conant
USA Marketing Associates
Mansfield , MA

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Current Work:
  • Director at Transatlantic Business Gateway
  • Owner at USA Marketing Associates
  • Previous Work:
  • Director of Coporate Communications at Orion Research
  • Director of Corporate Communications at Keithley/MetraByte
  • Education:
  • Engineering/Marketing, Northeastern
  • Documents:

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    About USA Marketing Associates
    Established in 1994, USA Marketing Associates provides Marketing Communications (Marcom), Internet Marketing (IM) and Public Relations (PR) services for emerging and established companies. We specialize in developing and implementing integrated marketing campaigns to help our clients meet their business objectives.

    USA Marketing Associates has many years of experience developing marketing strategies, as well as providing creative and technical services ranging from Internet marketing to Communication tactics to Web site development.

    Marketing is a tough and yet rewarding game. However, very few marketing agencies are prepared or know how to play the game to win. We are disciplined and believe in delivering business results through marketing programs with accountability. If we cannot measure the results, we will not recommend it.

    For each of our clients, USA Marketing Associates delivers results by bringing the benefits of strategy, creativity, and technology experience. We help our clients create a brand that turns their prospects into customers, customers into repeat customers, and revenue potential into profit.

    Our marketing experience is our ability to Communicate with Confidence.

    Search Engine Optimization
    Pay-Per-Click Management
    Content Writing
    Press Release Writing
    Article Writing and Publication
    Social Media Managment

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Director at Transatlantic Business Gateway
    January 2008 - Present

    Director of International Marketing Services

    Owner at USA Marketing Associates
    January 1994 - Present

    James Conant is the founder of USA Marketing Associates in Mansfield Massachusetts. Jim has 25 year of engineering, marketing and public relations experience. For 15 years he has been the president of USA Marketing Associates. Prior to that time he was Corporate Director of Marketing Communications with Keithley/MetraByte and Orion Research both high technology companies. Before starting USA Marketing Associates, James also worked for Analog Devices, Inc. in both Engineering and Marketing. He is also the marketing manager for the Electrical/Electricity Online Distance Learning Course offered by the Bay State School of Technology. He has travel worldwide, including The Peoples Republic of China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Europe, providing technical and marketing assistance for various businesses though out the years. He has been a guest lecturer at Bentley College and Clark University on the subjects of Direct Mail Marketing, Public Relations, How to Development of a Successful Marketing Communications Plans and analysis of Case Studies.

    Director of Coporate Communications at Orion Research
    January 1992 - January 1994

    Responsible for Dometic and International Marketing and Advertising for Analytical Instrumentation products.

    Director of Corporate Communications at Keithley/MetraByte
    January 1987 - January 1991

    Resonsible for Public Relations, Direct Mail Marketing, Catalog Development and International Marketing of Data Acquisition products.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Engineering/Marketing, Northeastern
    January 1987

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