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CTO Mediavine Marketing, Partner - Social Media of Mandatek, Co-Founder of Linked Local Network, Connector of People, Social Media Advisor, Habitat for Humanity SupporterPartner, Mandatek LLC
Bloomingdale , IL

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Current Work:
  • Co-Founder at Linked Local Network
  • Partner at Mandatek
  • Previous Work:
  • Director of Technology at Creekstone Farms Premium Beef

  • Summary:
    The roots of our company derives from our experiences in corporate IT. Developing, managing, enhancing digital information is our craft. The tools that we use to build web platforms to enhance customer acquisition, create new revenue flows for current processes, implement new tools to enhance your current business flows, and share information to improve employee productivity. We help companies use technology to break through the bars that bind them.
    Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) systems, accounting/finance system implementation, Web/Software Development, Sharepoint development, infrastructure technology engineering.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Co-Founder at Linked Local Network
    April 2010 - Present

    Partner at Mandatek
    September 2005 - Present

    Mandatek provides technology solutions for business challenges. We provide software and website development, IT infrastructure support and ERP implementations.

    Director of Technology at Creekstone Farms Premium Beef
    January 2003 - January 2005

    CFPB is a premium supplier of certified black angus beef utilizing cuttedge realtime tracking utilizing advanced rfid technology designed for harsh operational environments. I was rsponsible for the design and implementation of the tech systems and management of enterprise IT resources.

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    04/12/13 Mike Sheehan
    04/12/13 Sheri Williams
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    04/12/13 Kris Plantrich
    04/12/13 Richard Rafdahl
    01/31/12 Tony Mack
    11/10/11 Edgar Mourans
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    09/23/11 Mike Sachleben
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    08/26/11 David Malinski
    08/26/11 Ciro DiSclafani
    08/26/11 Bruce Carlson
    08/26/11 Louise DiSclafani
    08/26/11 Michelle Blake
    12/08/09 Dale Donnelly
    12/08/09 Jackie M. Nagel
    12/08/09 Catherine Steidinger
    12/08/09 .
    06/10/09 Carolyn Radellant
    06/10/09 Doris Helge, Ph.D.
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