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melbourne beach , fl

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My Best Referral Is:
Somebody who likes a good bargain........
Somebody who is looking for a unique business opportunity or just to make some extra income.

Current Work:
  • Business Associate at Dublie World Wide Internet Shopping Portal
  • Previous Work:
  • Club President at CEO Space
  • Flight Attendant at Pan American World Airways
  • Education:
  • Languages, Norwegian, English, German, French, Oslo University

  • Summary:
    I am excited to be here on Blitz Time! I am a mother, grandmother and widow turned entrepreneur.
    After my husband died I was devastated! In addition to the grief, I was left with virtually nothing except a mortgage. Very tough time, but, I am a survivor and adventurous. I had faith that everything would be fine and that I would find a way to get back on my feet.

    Being a former Pan American flight attendant, a 9 to 5 job did not appeal to me. I did my due diligence. What I found was that Internet Marketing is THE NEW ECONOMY and since I did not want to be left behind, I jumped on board and never looked back. I love the flexibility and independence of this incredible Dubli opportunity - a fun way to shop and a fun career to share with others.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Business Associate at Dublie World Wide Internet Shopping Portal
    October 2009 - Present

    World Wide E Commerce Portal - a new concept - the more you bid the lower the price.....

    Club President at CEO Space
    October 2002 - January 2008

    Enrolled Entrepreneurs into CEO Space, which is an entrepreneurial education program

    Flight Attendant at Pan American World Airways
    March 1969 - January 1975

    Traveled the World and had a great time

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Languages, Norwegian, English, German, French, Oslo University
    January 1962

    I was educated in Norway was hired by Pan American World Airways as a Flight Attendant, was based in NY and San Francisco and flew international flights and had a aball doing it ....

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