Elizabeth Harrington
New PrimeTime.com-new media web maven,marketing to women online
Minneapolis , MN

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Current Work:
  • Leader at Max International
  • Chief Evangelist at NewPrimetime.com

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    Leader at Max International
    July 2008 - Present

    Co-creating high performance global teams teaching entrepreneurial mastery. Health and vitality are necessary to live the best life...and MAX is a terrific vehicle to spread the word and have fun and !ive an extraordinary life!

    Chief Evangelist at NewPrimetime.com
    April 2008 - Present

    My purpose is to help people to 'Entrepreneur Their Life.' Am a social media strategist and relationship coach. Teach how to harness electronic/online marketing strategies to make more profit, in less time with less effort! Focus on connecting heart to heart with other people through social media and in person.

    Conversation History: (19 total)

    Date Person
    11/11/09 Kimberly Crawford,M.D.
    11/11/09 Lynn M. Wilson RN BSN
    11/11/09 Daniel Stoica
    11/11/09 Patricia Weber
    11/11/09 Cindy Ransom
    07/27/09 Louise DiSclafani
    07/27/09 Debbie Rodgers
    07/27/09 Dale Donnelly
    07/27/09 Geoff Buchanan
    07/27/09 Sylvie Giguere
    07/27/09 Kelly Stanley
    07/27/09 Daniel Stoica
    06/15/09 Lynn M. Wilson RN BSN
    06/15/09 Patricia Weber
    06/15/09 Natalie Foeller
    06/15/09 Kathy Harris
    06/15/09 Carolyn Radellant
    06/15/09 Kristi Arndt
    06/15/09 Jeffrey Hattem