Eric Siegel
Accounting and CFO Advisor
Stoughton , MA

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Current Work:
  • Self-employed at Eric Siegel - CFO Advisor
  • Previous Work:
  • CFO at Atsco Footwear
  • Education:
  • BS, Accounting, Northeastern University

  • Summary:
    For approximately sixteen years, I was employed at various companies as the lead financial manager. These experiences have allowed me to become a consultant and engage clients in the many financial aspects of their business. My expertise is the small company, where I roll up my sleeves and get work done. In my practice, the need to be able to understand my client's goals and desires is critical, and correctly devising a plan to enable on-time completion is a must. I have been able to succeed because I understand how to accomplish various tasks, but more importantly, which tasks to make a priority.
    I have experience using many accounting programs including QuickBooks, not only as a financial statement preparer, but understanding the operational and bookkeeping functions of the software.

    I bring more than my accounting skills, I have business acumen and awareness that allows me to assist in my client's business and help them achieve their financial potential.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Self-employed at Eric Siegel - CFO Advisor
    January 2006 - Present

    • Implement internal controls, accounting procedures, policies and processes • Prepare detailed departmental budgets, P&L projections, and cash flow forecasts • Model feasibilities based on past, present, and future transactions • Prepare financial results and explain variances from expectations • Communicate financial reports to lenders, partners, and prospective buyers • Direct staff through evaluation and review, including direct supervision • Manage cash flow, receivables and payables • Prepare payroll and file payroll tax returns • Coordinate the financial records with the outside CPA firm

    CFO at Atsco Footwear
    January 2000 - December 2005

    Executive duties: Preparation of board of director’s package, devise and implement divisional budgets enabling managers to monitor and control their business, worked closely with merchandising to establish an Open to Buy program. Supervisor of accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit, cash flow, insurance, billing, inventory, accounting, banking, exams, and audits. Other duties: Leadership role in information technology, human resources, customer service, and property management.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BS, Accounting, Northeastern University
    June 1985

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