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CEO & Founder of the U.S. Small Business Conference
St. Louis , MO

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Current Work:
  • CEO & Founder at U.S. Small Business Conference
  • Networking Speaker, Author & Referrals Coach at The Sassy Networker

  • Summary:
    I have been networking over 20 years, have hosted nearly 100 networking events, written over 100 articles and produced a variety of CD's, Webinars/Seminars, workshops and other events to help the small business owner and solopreneurs attract more business through networking. I'm currently working on my first book which should be published by this fall.

    In addition, I have been featured in The Networking Master Interview Series along side of Dr. Ivan Misner (founder of BNI), Bob Burg (author of The Go-Giver and Endless Referrals), Susan RoAnne and a dozen other experts in networking.

    I am also the founder of The U.S. Small Business Conference being held in Dallas, March 2010.

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    I'm a strong communicator and organizer. I love bringing people together to share resources, referrals and help them become a Master Networker.

    2008 Small Business Administration Award Winner for 'Women in Business Champion of the Year'

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    CEO & Founder at U.S. Small Business Conference
    June 2009 - Present

    The U.S. Small Business Conference will be traveling to Dallas, TX in March 2010 focusing on Business Communication - Breaking the Silence.

    Networking Speaker, Author & Referrals Coach at The Sassy Networker
    January 2008 - Present

    As an expert in networking and referrals, I host monthly events and seminars to provide solutions, resources and connections for other business owners. Learn strategies and systems that simplify and automate referrals. Professional Speaker, Author and Marketing Consultant. I'm always looking to grow, share and expand my network and look forward to connecting with you!

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