Charles (Scott) Newall
Marketing/Sales Executive
Middleboro , MA

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Current Work:
  • Senior Marketing and Sales Account Executive at Comcast
  • Previous Work:
  • Marketing & Sales Manager at TMLP Online
  • Education:
  • BA - Marketing, Southeastern Mass. University
  • Documents:

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Senior Marketing and Sales Account Executive at Comcast
    September 2004 - Present

    Providing marketing and sales for $40,000,000 communications infrastructure service provider, offering small to medium sized businesses high-speed Internet and telecommunications access worldwide. Responsible for creating and driving marketing/sales of Comcast products and services. Providing marketing support in the areas of marketing planning, e-commerce programs, marketing analysis, web site information, marketing collateral, as well as a wide range of media solutions required to support current business and sales strategies throughout Comcast.

    Marketing & Sales Manager at TMLP Online
    September 1994 - July 2004

    Ensured on-target delivery of all marketing initiatives for the utility company, providing high-speed fiber optics, Internet and telecommunications services to both residents and business clients. Directed all marketing efforts of the Internet Services Group to attract new potential Internet users away from other IPS providers in the area. This included establishing individual pricing programs and structures for residents and businesses throughout 22 communities. As part of the expansion of services, fiber optic Internet and telecommunications were delivered to large enterprise clients.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BA - Marketing, Southeastern Mass. University
    June 1977

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