Holly L
Boston Business Journal, Circulation Executive
boston , ma

Current Work:
  • Circulation Account Executive at Boston Business Journal
  • Education:
  • Business Administation , Marketing, Fordham University
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    I want you to read us! The BBJ is not a recreational read- we're a business resource. If you want to grow your business the Journal provides sales leads, special reports on local businesses, and is moderately priced. The ROI is a no brainer!

    A good referral for me is:

    -Anyone who conducts business in Massachusetts, or wishes to do so.

    -Job seekers or those in transition.

    -Someone who wants to be an effective networker and an informed member of the business community.

    -Wants to grow their business- look for new business opportunities and customers.

    We're the number one business resource, if you are not a subscriber-you should be! I can help you get set up at a discounted rate!

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Circulation Account Executive at Boston Business Journal
    May 2008 - Present

    Sales and Marketing for the Boston Business Journal. The BBJ is one of 41 publications nationwide and a part of American City Business Journals. The BBJ is the premier source for Massachusetts' business news. In addition to a weekly guide to all of the most important business news in the Boston Metro area; the Journal covers every major industry, providing vital information, leads, useful insight,advice and best business practices to readers.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Business Administation , Marketing, Fordham University
    May 2007

    Division 1 Fordham Women's Soccer Team 4 year starter

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