Shelly Rice
Celebrating 24 years of producing well atended business events!

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I am interested in getting to know small business owners and managers, as well as speakers, trainers, coaches, marketing & advertising experts, investors, independent contractors, technology & social media gurus and people interested in starting their own business.

Current Work:
  • Event Producer at Chocolate Blues And Business Networking Festivals
  • CEO at Shelly Rice and Associates
  • Education:
  • Colorado University-Boulder

  • Summary:
    I have spent the last 24 years producing well attended, high quality business networking events in cities throughout the country.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Event Producer at Chocolate Blues And Business Networking Festivals
    May 1991 - Present

    Chocolate Blues is one of the largest, most productive and most fun business to business events in the country. This is a one day event for business owners, produced in cities across America. We are currently in 22 cities. Chocolate Blues features blues background music, a wide variety of business vendors, open networking, a giant business card exchange, networking games, mini business workshops, ice breakers, appointment setting, media mixers and chocolate galore. My events have connected hundreds of thousands of people and have resulted in millions of dollars of closed business for the participants.

    CEO at Shelly Rice and Associates
    March 1989 - Present

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Colorado University-Boulder
    May 1989

    Seven full years of higher education studies 1982-1989 Areas of Study: Business Administration, Art and Communications Education Dynamics Institute, West LA Community College, Pierce College, El Camino City College, Colorado University - Boulder

    Conversation History: (27 total)

    Date Person
    02/07/11 Todd Schindler
    02/07/11 Freddie Johnson
    12/01/09 Phyllis Walker
    12/01/09 Linda Rickman
    12/01/09 Amy Grossman
    12/01/09 Charlie Boyer
    12/01/09 Patricia Weber
    09/24/09 Stacey Spencer
    09/24/09 Pam Rule
    09/24/09 Chuck Cory
    09/24/09 Mike Sheehan
    09/24/09 Britt Allen
    09/24/09 Bonnie Gortler
    09/24/09 Kevin Donahue
    09/24/09 Eddie Perea
    09/18/09 Craig Edwards
    09/18/09 Dale Donnelly
    09/18/09 Kelle Sparta
    07/27/09 Susan Houck
    07/27/09 Patty Herrmann
    07/27/09 Gene Mehr
    07/27/09 Tabitha Bartolini
    07/24/09 Darlene Willman
    07/24/09 Timothy J. Hayes
    07/24/09 Florette Anderson
    07/24/09 Daniel Stoica
    07/24/09 Darlene Willman