Judith Bonhomme
Professional Marketing Info Center
Otterburn Park , QC

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Current Work:
  • Marketing Consultant at Professional Marketing Info Center
  • Previous Work:
  • Student at Renegade Network Marketers

  • Summary:
    What is Professional Marketing Info Center?

    Our Marketing Info Center will literally take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know to be able to market your online business ,,,,, Our team of experts are there to help you out in many ways to market your online business,,,,If you should decide to join our Team, You will have access to tons of training that could boost up your sales in no time,,,,We also give you a automated system to do so, it only takes a few hours to set up and you will be able to start putting your marketing efforts into action and finally be rewarded for those actions,,,, Professional Marketing Info Center brought my business to the next level in no time at all =))

    Warmest Regards
    Judith_B =))
    I have trained from tarantula to tiger for various TV production for 12 years and my total years of training is 23 years,,,,, through those 23 yrs of training animals I have had to market myself to be able to get contracts =))),,,,,I have great Marketing Skills but didn't know a thing about the web,,,,, I wanted to retire myself from training and still have the same monthly income as I had with my TV contracts and still be involved in what I enjoy =))))),,,,, my bones are getting old lolol,,,, I love to market and I have a great team behind me to make it happen,,,,,learning to market online is one thing,,,,,,learning and having the tools to market is another,,,,,with my team, I have All the education I need and I have All the Tools that I Need,,,, Now I am on my way to the Big Leagues =)))),,,,If you are having problems marketing, sign up for my free news letters and that should give you an insight of what is going on =)))

    Warmest Regards
    Judith_B =))

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Marketing Consultant at Professional Marketing Info Center
    June 2009 - Present

    Helping people in, How To Market on the Internet,, We All Know how 97% of All Marketer fail on the internet,,,that is because they grab information everywhere on the web to learn How To Market but they just don't know what to do with it all,,,, I will be showing you How To put it all together so you will be able to get into profit as fast as possible so it will give you leverage to promote your primary business =)) Warmest Regards Judith_B =))

    Student at Renegade Network Marketers
    December 2006 - February 2009

    These dates are not only for Renegade Network Marketers,,, I have been surfing the web for 3 years now to learn how to market on the web,,,I learned through trail and error and I have spent allot of money doing so,,, (with no regrets) I realize today that what I have learned is far from being lost,,,,mind you if I would have met the right people 2 years ago I wouldn't have lost money and time putting it all together,,,,learning tips from everybody is a good thing,,, only once your automated system is in place,,, you can really leverage your income =)) To Our Success Judith_B =))

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