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Internet Media Marketing Consultant, Campaign Marketing to Attract & Engage Clients
Mansfield , Ma

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My Best Referral Is:
Small and medium sized business entrepreneurs who would like to use:

- Video & Audio Communication tools to enhance their marketing and brand awareness;
- Live Broadcasting to teach people about your business, products, or services, or to run a Live Interactive Web class;
- Video integrated into their marketing campaigns, newsletters, and web sites.

I'm also looking for People Interested in:

-Joint Ventures
-Master Mind Groups

Current Work:
  • Founder & CEO at Diamond eMedia
  • Education:
  • BSET, Engineering Technology, Northeastern University

  • Summary:
    Marketing your business does not have to be complicated. Once you have the right tools and the know how, you will be empowered to take charge of your business destination. Using the power of green marketing tools, your business will maximize the ROI based on your marketing budget. We help you promote your business with the right tools and marketing know how!

    Every savvy entrepreneur knows that if your marketing is static, then your business is static. Does your business have the right tools to take advantage of the dynamic market place?

    Whether you're just getting started or going full steam ahead, make sure that you're using the right tools for your online marketing campaigns.
    Online Marketing - e-Templates & Web Templates - Video Creation - Video Marketing

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Founder & CEO at Diamond eMedia
    September 2009 - Present

    Teaching Individuals & Businesses how to market to their clients using eMedia, (videos, audios, pictures shows, email template marketing, campaign marketing, newsletters, & live broadcasting)

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BSET, Engineering Technology, Northeastern University
    September 1990

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    10/13/09 Kim Avery, MA
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