Faith Barnard
Nutritional Cleansing Made Simple
Sedona , AZ

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Current Work:
  • Founding Crystal Executive at Isagenix International

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    Founding Crystal Executive at Isagenix International
    May 2002 - Present

    I am a leader/coach and Founding Executive in Isagenix. I assist people in attaining and maintaining optimal health, energy and weight. I am a former TV producer and 25 year successful veteran of network marketing and I enjoy mentoring professionals who want to transition from the corporate model to network marketing. This involves training individuals who want to make a contribution to others while creating a lucrative six or seven figure income and long term residual income.

    Conversation History: (22 total)

    Date Person
    09/17/09 Carolyn Radellant
    09/17/09 Biba Pedron
    09/17/09 Brad Olinger
    09/17/09 Ciro DiSclafani
    09/17/09 Kevin Pannebecker
    09/17/09 Mike Sheehan
    09/17/09 Cathy Demers
    09/17/09 Candy Turner
    09/17/09 Margie Basaraba
    08/27/09 Chuck Cory
    08/27/09 Birute Sinkeviciute
    08/27/09 Jaci Weissman
    08/27/09 Margie Basaraba
    08/27/09 Deb Mullen
    08/27/09 Bonnie Gortler
    08/27/09 Patty Herrmann
    08/27/09 rasheeda williams
    08/20/09 John Burke
    08/20/09 Paul Vinnitsky
    08/20/09 Kristi Arndt
    08/20/09 Genevieve Lane
    08/20/09 Ed Drozda