William Grover
Senior LEED AP Architect with 30 years of experience
Salem , MA

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    William Grover, AIA, LEED AP

    The Architect%u2019s Ecological Design Vision

    Ecologically conscious construction is the norm for the built environment. Design concepts start with an intention to restore and preserve healthy environments for all life. Architectural designs emerge from an evolving consciousness that produce human habitat molded by intentions to honor the natural evolution of all species.

    The Architect%u2019s Ecological Design Mission

    The architect%u2019s mission is to promote practical green building approaches through an ecological awareness that revitalizes humanity%u2019s sacred relationship with the living Earth.
    With compelling evidence that we need to reinvent the way we build, operate and occupy our buildings and communities, WGA stands firm in providing its clients with new approaches to the built environment. By associating with a select group of consultants WGA will form teams of design, construction and environmental professionals to offer a comprehensive approach for the building needs of our clients. WGA will also offer educational programs that reveal the need for a new approach to how we design and operate the facilities we occupy. These services focus on why this shift is important to developing a new economic paradigm and a review of technological possibilities that will allow our communities to reinvent themselves. Our future lies in the spirit and energy of our local communities. Responsible design approaches are a form of covenant between human communities and other living communities, assuring the coevolution of both. The WGA approach makes this concept primary in the professional service we offer clients and communities.
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