Joy Kennelly
Copywriter/Online Marketing Specialist
Manhattan Beach , CA

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My Best Referral Is:
Companies looking for a full-time in-house social media/PR/Marketing person to fulfill all their online marketing needs.

Individuals who want a professional press release written they can send to the media independently.

Individuals/Companies who want blog coverage written on travel destinations- ie a bed & breakfast, a luxury hotel, any special location I can travel to and write about from an experiential basis.

Other topics I enjoy referrals to write about include restaurants, chefs, fashion, luxury items, entertainment, special events, and charities nation-wide.

Lastly, additional speaking engagements.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Consumer Relations/Journalism, Seattle Pacific University
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    Marketing Communications / Visual Identity & Branding Strategy / Multi-Media Marketing Campaigns / Product Launch & Management / Project Management / Contract Negotiations / Strategic Business Planning Communications / Collateral Development / Website Development & Direction / Extensive Online and Offline Marketing Experience / Journalist / Web Copy / Online Community Development / Content Management / Content & Copy Editing /

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    Bachelor of Arts, Consumer Relations/Journalism, Seattle Pacific University
    January 2009

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