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My Best Referral Is:
I have a few types of best referrals. One is any business owner looking to increase prospects and revenue by an average of 20% monthly through affordable solutions focused on creative marketing through social media and the internet. You want more time, more money, more freedom or all three.

Another referral is anyone looking for fundraising options. We work with schools, churches, health organizations and other non-profits providing low cost and free fund raising solutions.

The third type of referral is anyone looking for extra income through a unique 'business in a box' approach to network marketing. We have created a $5 home business concept with a 60 day money back guarantee than can put an extra $2000 to $5000 each month in your pocket - this will appeal to everyone looking for extra income.

Finally, for interested networkers, receive a discount voucher for $300 of complimentary gas when you try our newest concept - a free tool to help you grow your business. Ask me for details OR click the '$300 In Gas' link below.

Current Work:
  • Small Business Consultant at EddiePerea.com
  • Previous Work:
  • Outbound Performance Manager at EarthLink, Inc.

  • Summary:
    Proud Dad, Un-guru marketer, home biz consultant & network marketer, alkaline food fan, humanitarian, seeks like minded folks.

    I help small businesses drive more customers through immediate solutions to help you keep more of your money in your pocket.

    I also provide creative marketing incentives that increase conversions on average 30% once they get those customers to their business.

    If you are a network marketer of any kind, this incentive program will explode your business. Risk free.

    Sales and marketing, programming, lead generation systems development, SEO, PPC, information products, traffic, banner advertising, blog implementation and so much more!

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Small Business Consultant at EddiePerea.com
    August 2007 - Present

    Provide small business consulting services around tools and systems to drive business and revenue.

    Outbound Performance Manager at EarthLink, Inc.
    January 2000 - January 2008

    Oversaw the global operations for EarthLink's outbound telemarketing division encompassing 14 vendors/partners and over 5000 agents. I also handled the channel relationships with companies like Azoogle and Commission Junction for my division.

    Conversation History: (125 total)

    Date Person
    01/28/10 Chris Hollis
    01/28/10 Carolyn Beck
    01/28/10 .
    01/28/10 Lynn Scheurell
    01/28/10 Wendy Alpine
    01/28/10 Carrie Hemenway
    01/28/10 Charlie Boyer
    01/28/10 Trisha Earley
    01/14/10 Elizabeth Clough
    01/14/10 Daniel Silvestri
    01/14/10 Patty Herrmann
    01/14/10 .
    01/14/10 Jim Sutton
    01/14/10 Ciro DiSclafani
    01/14/10 Chris Hollis
    12/10/09 Cheryl Mettler
    12/10/09 Jim Sutton
    12/10/09 Charlie Boyer
    12/10/09 Daniel Stoica
    12/10/09 Tony Mack
    12/10/09 Ciro DiSclafani
    12/10/09 Linda Rickman
    12/07/09 Charles Gifford
    12/07/09 Bonnie Gortler
    12/07/09 Dale Donnelly
    12/07/09 Joyce Parlapiano
    12/07/09 Todd Randolph aka btrandolph
    12/01/09 Terri Wohlscheid
    12/01/09 Sharon McLean
    12/01/09 Charlie Boyer
    12/01/09 Daniel Stoica
    12/01/09 Phyllis Walker
    11/18/09 Lynn Scheurell
    11/18/09 Debra Diamond
    11/18/09 Kimberly Crawford,M.D.
    11/18/09 Jim Sutton
    11/18/09 Gene Burnard
    11/12/09 Ed Drozda
    11/12/09 Gail Foley
    11/12/09 Leon Kayarian
    11/12/09 Jeremy Lucabaugh
    11/12/09 Phyllis Walker
    11/12/09 hazel wagner
    11/12/09 Biba Pedron
    11/12/09 Bonnie Gortler
    11/12/09 SmallBiz Advocacy
    11/12/09 Matthew D. Miglin
    11/12/09 Davis Cox
    11/12/09 Daniel Stoica
    11/09/09 Patricia Weber
    11/09/09 Dave Atkins
    11/09/09 Daniel Stoica
    11/09/09 Michael S. Kraft
    11/05/09 Carolyn Radellant
    11/05/09 Ellen Feinberg
    11/05/09 Laura Dorazio
    11/04/09 Brad Olinger
    11/04/09 Mike Orrick
    11/04/09 Donna Amos
    11/04/09 Marcia Lewis
    11/04/09 Daniel Stoica
    11/04/09 Phyllis Walker
    10/22/09 Liz Isaacs
    10/22/09 Monique MacKinnon
    10/22/09 Salli Stronglight
    10/22/09 Elese Sizemore
    10/22/09 Margie Basaraba
    10/22/09 Carolyn Radellant
    10/22/09 Amy Grossman
    10/22/09 Ciro DiSclafani
    10/19/09 Gene Mott
    10/19/09 Carolyn Radellant
    10/19/09 Salli Stronglight
    10/19/09 Amy Grossman
    10/19/09 Barb Poirier
    10/05/09 Wesley Watkis
    10/05/09 Florette Anderson
    10/05/09 Michael S. Kraft
    10/05/09 Monique Belton
    10/05/09 Dale Donnelly
    09/30/09 Tony Mack
    09/30/09 Phyllis Walker
    09/30/09 Laurie Brasher
    09/30/09 Dwight D Hunter
    09/30/09 Attica Lundy
    09/30/09 Joseph Whitaker
    09/30/09 Patricia Roston
    09/30/09 rasheeda williams
    09/30/09 Denise Renee
    09/30/09 Christina Hagelin
    09/28/09 Tyrone Turner
    09/28/09 Candy Turner
    09/28/09 Adriel Harris
    09/28/09 Leslie Williams
    09/24/09 Carolyn Radellant
    09/24/09 Dale Donnelly
    09/24/09 Darlene Willman
    09/24/09 Bonnie Gortler
    09/24/09 Patty Herrmann
    09/24/09 Candy Turner
    09/24/09 Sylvie Giguere
    09/24/09 Shelly Rice
    09/21/09 Mari-Lyn Harris - Your Event Producer
    09/21/09 Randy Kobat
    09/21/09 Christian R. Pierre
    09/21/09 Patricia Weber
    09/21/09 Biba Pedron
    09/21/09 Tony Holowitz
    09/17/09 Liz Isaacs
    09/17/09 Reno Lovison
    09/17/09 Carolyn Radellant
    09/17/09 Jim Conant
    09/17/09 Dale Donnelly
    09/17/09 Nolan Collins
    09/17/09 Mari-Lyn Harris - Your Event Producer
    09/17/09 Brad Olinger
    09/14/09 Becky Bodenstab
    09/14/09 Randy Kobat
    09/14/09 Louise DiSclafani
    09/14/09 michael kay
    09/14/09 Mike Sheehan
    09/14/09 jerry w nicholson
    09/14/09 Mike Sachleben
    09/14/09 Tony Holowitz