Mary Burrell
Easy Paint by Numbers System For Pain and Financial Freedom
Bellingham , WA

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Anyone sick and tired of being sick and tired. Those who need to 'release' weight. And in these hard times people are looking to make additional income. I can help them release toxic fat increase their energy levels and make money at the same time. Any one who breathes needs this unique cleansing system.

Current Work:
  • Pain and Finacial Freedom Coach at Isagenix
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  • Admin at State of California
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    Pain and Finacial Freedom Coach at Isagenix
    March 2004 - Present

    I am dedicated to inspiring others to make better choices towards a nutritional cleansing lifestyle! Through my vast network of resources and contacts, I can help individuals reach their personal and professional potential. I consult with doctors, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers and athletes who have reached their 'plateaus’. Also work with those who wish to release unwanted weight and having health challenges. I work with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who capitalize on up and coming marketing trends and one of the hottest trends today is health and wellness. In the last 4 years, I have assisted others in setting up their own home business successfully as well as coaching others using a unique “Nutritional Cleansing

    Admin at State of California
    March 1988 - January 2009

    DMV Technical admin position.

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