Julie Gershon
Legal Plan and Identity Theft Specialist
Wilmington , MA

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  • Legal Studies/Criminal Justice, Law, Environment, UMass Amherst

  • Detailed Education Summary:

    Legal Studies/Criminal Justice, Law, Environment, UMass Amherst
    May 1986

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    11/04/09 Janet Weyman Lopez
    11/04/09 Jeff D'Urso
    11/04/09 Jeff D'Urso
    11/04/09 Marcy Rubin
    11/04/09 Sheila McCarthy
    11/04/09 Jim Kernan
    11/04/09 Rick Arnott
    11/04/09 Josh Cohen
    11/04/09 Paul R. Smith, MBA, PE
    11/04/09 Nathan Therrien
    10/07/09 Neil Licht
    10/07/09 Allen Falcon
    10/07/09 Arthur Levine, CPA
    10/07/09 Davis Cox
    10/07/09 Jeffrey Govendo
    10/07/09 Shella Fitzpatrick
    10/07/09 Rick Roberge
    10/07/09 Joseph Mullin
    10/07/09 Carla Meola
    10/07/09 Virginia (Ginny) Layton-Leal
    10/07/09 Kevin Baker