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Independent Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay
Santa Clara , CA

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My Best Referral Is:
anyone (men, women and teens) who needs assistance figuring out what skin care needs they have and how to fix them. Someone who needs unique gifts for customers, clients, employees. Anyone looking for a wonderful direct sales opportunity that helps women meet goals.

Current Work:
  • Independent Senior Sales Director at Mary Kay
  • Education:
  • Education~ credential, K-12, California State University, Sacramento
  • Bachelor of Science, Human Development, UC Davis

  • Skills:
    Helping women choose skin care and color cosmetics that make them feel and look great!; working with my kids on projects; swim mom extraordinairre ;)

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Independent Senior Sales Director at Mary Kay
    July 1996 - Present

    I help train/teach the women and men in my unit learn how to run their own independent Mary Kay businesses, as well as servicing my own customers and building my own team!

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Education~ credential, K-12, California State University, Sacramento
    December 1981

    Teaching credential to teach in self-contained classroom for grades K-12

    Bachelor of Science, Human Development, UC Davis
    December 1980

    BS degree that covered the lifespan of humans, from birth to death. Emphasis on early childhood and special needs.

    Conversation History: (73 total)

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    04/21/10 Patricia Weber
    03/31/10 Denise Renee
    03/31/10 Connie Dunn
    03/31/10 Lynn Scheurell
    03/31/10 Dale Donnelly
    03/18/10 Kerryn Griffiths
    03/18/10 Kristi Arndt
    03/18/10 Donna Kelly
    03/18/10 Birute Sinkeviciute
    03/10/10 Martin Paley
    03/10/10 Andrew Winig
    03/10/10 Franklin Knotts
    03/10/10 Victoria Hendricks
    03/01/10 Eric Rasche
    03/01/10 Kara Glover
    03/01/10 George J. Landau
    03/01/10 Cheryl Mettler
    02/17/10 Catherine Steidinger
    02/17/10 Therese Skelly
    02/17/10 .
    02/17/10 Andrew Winig
    02/16/10 Connie Hammer
    02/16/10 Heather Price
    02/16/10 Kristi Arndt
    02/16/10 Michael Wolf
    01/28/10 Linda Youngsma
    01/28/10 Danielle Zack
    01/28/10 Ciro DiSclafani
    01/28/10 Louise DiSclafani
    01/28/10 Deb Mullen
    01/28/10 Wendy Alpine
    01/28/10 Paul Cronin
    01/28/10 Carrie Hemenway
    12/09/09 Linda Rickman
    12/09/09 Biba Pedron
    12/09/09 .
    12/09/09 Lynn M. Wilson RN BSN
    12/09/09 Deb Mullen
    11/19/09 Mark O'Brien
    11/19/09 Bonnie Dubrow
    11/19/09 Dawn Waldrop
    11/19/09 Phyllis Walker
    11/19/09 Beth Bridges, The Networking Motivator (tm)
    11/17/09 Joyce Parlapiano
    11/17/09 Carol J. Smith
    11/17/09 Patricia Weber
    11/10/09 Lynn M. Wilson RN BSN
    11/10/09 Martha Franke. MLCP, LICSW
    11/10/09 Beng Nah
    11/10/09 Bonnie Gortler
    10/22/09 Patricia Weber
    10/22/09 Charlie Boyer
    10/22/09 Doris Helge, Ph.D.
    10/22/09 Daniel Stoica
    10/13/09 Jackie M. Nagel
    10/13/09 Lopa
    10/13/09 Kerul Kassel
    10/13/09 Sue Moulton
    10/07/09 Amy Grossman
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    10/07/09 Becky Bodenstab
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    10/07/09 .
    10/07/09 Todd Randolph aka btrandolph
    10/01/09 Debbie Sakagawa
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    10/01/09 Amy Grossman
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    10/01/09 Steven Saragian
    10/01/09 Ellen Feinberg
    10/01/09 Biba Pedron