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Owner The Crawford Connection
Sterling Hts , Mi

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My Best Referral Is:
Any sales team or individual that wants to understand how to use social media to help grow their business

Current Work:
  • Regional Director at Local Business Network
  • Owner at The Crawford Connection
  • Previous Work:
  • Manager/Trainer at mortgage industry

  • Summary:
    many people spend countless hours on the social media options and generate zero dollars.. I show people how to spend as little as 45 minutes a day and have a consistant presence on the social platform they choose and train how to generate closed business
    Team building, Marketing, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Networking,

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Regional Director at Local Business Network
    June 2009 - Present

    Oversee All chapters within organization and manage 16 . teaching people Power Networking

    Owner at The Crawford Connection
    May 2009 - Present

    Training of social media. Offer both one on one as well as webinar training

    Manager/Trainer at mortgage industry
    January 1985 - June 2008

    manager, trainer

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    03/08/10 Jeffrey Taylor, CCPS
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    02/08/10 Dave Morrow
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    02/08/10 Terry MacEwen
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    02/08/10 Cheryl Mettler
    02/08/10 Diane Watts
    02/08/10 Carolyn Radellant
    01/11/10 George J. Landau
    01/11/10 Jason Channell
    01/11/10 Charles Gifford
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    12/14/09 Terry MacEwen
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    11/16/09 Carolyn Radellant