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Travel Ventures International
Kansas City , KS

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Current Work:
  • Independent Representative at Message Magic
  • Independent Representative at Travel Ventures International

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    Independent Representative at Message Magic
    November 2009 - Present

    Message Magic is an amazing plug-in software program for Skype that allows you to collect and contact thousands of Skype usernames at a time. Skype is software that enables the world's conversations. Millions of individuals and businesses use Skype to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users.
    When they make you a contact, you can then promote any program you are working.

    Message Magic is F.R.E.E to download and F.R.E.E to use on an unlimited basis for a full 7 days.
    You do not need a credit card to try the software for the 7 days.

    This software program DOES NOT compete with your primary business, it is a tool to help you grow your primary business.

    Take a quick look at the 13-minute video to see what a fantastic tool this is and how Message Magic complements your primary business.

    Independent Representative at Travel Ventures International
    October 2009 - Present

    What happens when you match a product that is needed by everyone and sparks lifestyle with a Revolutionary, Proven and Easy to Follow System?

    You get a Company that is literally doubling each month with extraordinary growth worldwide, and life-changing wealth created by those taking advantage of the momentum.

    Welcome to Travel Ventures International, the next Big Giant in the Direct Selling Industry.

    You will discover a revolutionary out of the box system which will not just change the way you look at creating wealth, but also broaden your horizon about how Home Based Entrepreneurs are establishing Successful Businesses across the globe.

    1000's of Real People in 50+ Countries are Earning Quiet Fortunes From Home.

    It’s a fact: The Internet has produced more Millionaires than any other industry today and studies reveal that Online Companies can become Billion Dollar Businesses .

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