Bob Martinelli
Certified Endless Referrals Consultant
West Greenwich , RI

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My Best Referral Is:
service oriented professionals that realize that their relationships with clients, prospects and even family members are the lifeblood of their business. Knowing that, I can teach them a better, easier way of staying in touch with those people in a meaningful, personal and fun way. All this means more money to the bottom line.

Current Work:
  • Bob Burg Certified Consultant at Self Employed
  • Independent Distributor at SendOutCards
  • Owner at Emerging Media LLC
  • Education:
  • BS/BA, Accounting, University of Rhode Island

  • Summary:
    Bob Martinelli is the President of Emerging Media LLC, a marketing consulting firm, specializing in marketing for small business. Bob has over 25 years experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur. During that time Bob has learned the most cost effective ways to market a small business and now concentrates his efforts helping service oriented professionals such as consultants, financial planners, accountants, attorneys, bankers, sales professionals and others get more clients and increase their revenue. As an advocate for technology, Bob has consulted businesses of all sizes in how to use technology to gain an advantage. Included among Bobs clients are: GEM Plumbing, Cox Communications, AARP, Thrifty Car Rental, the Warwick Mall, RI Employees Credit Union, Brewster & Shuster Insurance, Jennings Car Care to name a few.

    Bob is an accomplished public speaker and has started a successful seminar series geared to helping small businesses, Bob has the opportunity to meet and consult with hundreds of small business owners and is considered a valuable source of information by all who meet him. Bob is also a member of two chambers of commerce, as well as serving as an Ambassador for the Cranston Chamber of Commerce.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Bob Burg Certified Consultant at Self Employed
    January 2010 - Present

    A Bob Burg Consultant is trained and certified by Bob Burg and his team. Through the knowledge obtained in this training, a Bob Burg Consultant is able to show you how to create a referral system for any business. Bob Burg teaches and relies on the concept that "all things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people they know, like and trust."

    Independent Distributor at SendOutCards
    October 2005 - Present

    Changing lives one card at a time. Helping people to connect on a meaningful level.

    Owner at Emerging Media LLC
    November 2002 - Present

    Emerging Media is a relationship marketing company that specializes in solutions for service provider professionals. We help professionals save time in the sales and follow up process as well as help develop a automated 'keep in touch' strategy. Remember, in the words of author Michael Port, 'If you don't have a system for automating your keep-in-touch strategy, you don't have a a keep-in-touch strategy.'

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BS/BA, Accounting, University of Rhode Island
    May 1976

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