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Independent Marketer & Entrepreneur
Atlanta , GA

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My Best Referral Is:
I'm looking for leaders to partner with me to open market share across the Country for my eco-friendly product line and health and wellness business. My best referral is someone who wants to own their own business, who is ready for change and eager to take control of their lives, improve their health, secure their financial futures, and help others do the same.

Current Work:
  • Business Owner at For Earth
  • Business Owner at The Trump Network
  • Previous Work:
  • Database Marketing Expert at Various Companies
  • Education:
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications, Florida State University

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    Business Owner at For Earth
    February 2010 - Present

    For Earth offers eco-friendly products designed to increase gas mileage in our vehicles, extend the life of the vehicle and save the environment by reducing emissions by 30%. Go Green - Save Green - Make Green!

    Business Owner at The Trump Network
    October 2009 - Present

    Business Partnerships with Donald Trump are still available! This business offers a chance for you to join a group of passionate individuals dedicated to improving their lives and the lives of others. With the power of the Trump brand behind the business, the highest quality products in our offering, and the most sophisticated tools at our disposal, success is happening! And, as they say in business – timing is everything – and the time is now for this ground-floor opportunity! Join me today while market share is still available and create the secure future you've always dreamed of!

    Database Marketing Expert at Various Companies
    April 1985 - April 2009

    Award-winning Database marketing veteran, serving clients directly and through service agencies, driving ROI through managed marketing databases and marketing strategy.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Bachelor of Arts, Communications, Florida State University
    March 1983

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