Andrew Winig
Delegate so Work Gets Done
Arlington , MA

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1. Executive Director who wants to empower employees
2. Entrepreneur who needs to delegate to further grow their business
3. Business Association or Networking Group looking for a keynote speaker on Communication Skills for Business Networking

Current Work:
  • President at ImprovAndy
  • Franchisee at Fish Window Cleaning
  • Education:
  • BS, Computer Science, Yale University

  • Summary:
    Delegate so Work Gets Done

    In our schools today, we call teamwork cheating.

    It's cheating. If they catch you working together on tests or problem sets or exams, you get in trouble and they kick you out.

    If you've ever thought
    . 'delegating is hard'
    .. 'you can't trust people to do things right'
    ... 'It's easier just to do the work myself'

    We can't blame you.

    After all, that's what we've all been taught since we were in elementary school

    That you have to do all the work yourself.

    We are excited to show you a better way.

    My name is Andrew Winig, and if you've ever been frustrated by delegating, I can empower you to delegate so that work gets done even when you are not there.

    It's a proprietary methodology called Collective Engineering(tm)

    It's literally the process for developing great teams. Collective: of the group. And Engineering: the process of putting knowledge to practical use.

    You see, what probably no one has ever taken the time to fully teach you is that delegating is a process, and the first step in that process is the work not getting done.

    Collective Engineering is the set of strategies you use next, to move the process forward, developing trust and communication so that work gets done even when you are not there.

    You can learn more about our proprietary methodology at

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    Distill your years of experience into a four sentence elevator pitch that turns prospects into customers.
    Empower you to delegate so that work gets done even when you are not there.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    President at ImprovAndy
    January 2006 - Present

    Leadership Trainer and Keynote Speaker. Delegate so that work gets done even when you are not there. Communication Skills for turning Prospects into Customers.

    Franchisee at Fish Window Cleaning
    May 2002 - Present

    We brighten your world at work and at home with ground level (up to three stories) window cleaning. Fully insured, licensed, and bonded.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BS, Computer Science, Yale University
    May 1991

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