Kim Redd
Independent Associate, Legal Shield
Dayton , Ohio

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My Best Referral Is:
My best referrals are any individual, family, small business owner or real estate professional who is interested in affordable access to the legal system, concerned about identity theft vulnerability, or open to an additional income stream that does not interfere with their already busy schedule.

Current Work:
  • Independent Associate at Legal Shield

  • Summary:
    We protect families by providing identity theft restoration and affordable access to the legal system for everyday life events. In addition, we empower individuals to create a strong financial wall around thier family by providing an economically sound vehicle that they can build on either full or part time.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Independent Associate at Legal Shield
    January 2005 - Present

    Offering legal services and identity theft plans to individuals, and to companies as a no cost employee benefit. Working with a team of individuals across the country that are looking to build a strong financial wall around their families

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