Donna Kelly   (Back)
Marketing Coordinator Chasing Miracles
Belmar , NJ

My Best Referral Is:
A Kindred Spirit

Current Work:
  • Partner at Chasing Miracles
  • Previous Work:
  • Owner/Agent at Talent Agency
  • Efficiency Expert at Tultex
  • Education:
  • BS, Business, BYU

  • Summary:
    Changing the Health and Wealth of this and Future Generations
    My company Chasing Miracles is a global network of like-minded people striving to make a change. We share our stories of success finding people all over the world wanting to leave a legacy of hope for all generations to come
    Living Life

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Partner at Chasing Miracles
    April 2004 - Present

    Partner with Tommie Weber in our company Chasing Miracles. Publicist for Tommie, Author of the novel Chasing Miracles. Partner in our Networking Team. Marketing Coordinator for Chasing Miracles Team

    Owner/Agent at Talent Agency
    January 1993 - March 2004

    Owner, Agent, Casting Agent Handled over 1500 Talent in all areas of Film, Theater, Broadcast Radio, Television and Commercials

    Efficiency Expert at Tultex
    June 1981 - December 1993

    Corporate Liaison for 12 Sales Offices. In charge of Administrative and Sales Force Organization. Traveled monthly to all Sales Offices to Evaluate Performance, Profits and Administrative Functions

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BS, Business, BYU
    May 1980

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