Carey S. Buttfield   (Back)
Principal - CrunchTime
Natick , Massachusetts

Carey S. Buttfield's Networking Photo

Current Work:
  • Managing Partner at CrunchTime
  • Previous Work:
  • Temporary Placement Coordinator at ProFile
  • Education:
  • BS, Environmental Education, Lesley University
  • AAS, Business Administration, University of Southern Maine
  • AAS, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Paul Smiths College

  • Summary:
    - Boston Recycling Coalition
    Charter Member, Treasurer, and later Co-Chair of this grassroots organization that worked with the Mayor's Office, City Counselors, Public and Private Organizations, and Boston Residents to make a comprehensive, multi-material curbside recycling program a reality. It took more than five years of hard work from 100s and 100s of people, but perseverance paid off and curbside recycling in Boston began in November 1994.

    - Allston/Brighton Block Captain Coordinator
    Recruited representatives from the various neighborhoods to serve as Block Captains on their street to both disseminate information and post signs reminding residents of their street's recycling pick-up day;

    - Mayor's Recycling Advisory Committee
    Steering Committee Member for the City of Boston. On a monthly basis met with the Commissioner for Public Works, other representatives of the Mayor's office as well as member of the private sector to discuss how we could achieve a full-scale, multi-material recycling program city-wide;

    - MassPIRG's Recycling Initiative Campaign
    Steering Committee Member;

    - Massachusetts Environmental Education Society (MEES) - state chapter for the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)
    Exhibit Hall Coordinator, Treasurer, and later President;

    - Massachusetts Association of Science Teacher (M.A.S.T.)
    Committee Member and MEES Representative. Initiated the effort to have these two organizations collaborate in an effort to add more environmental education to the State's science curricula;

    - Secretary's Advisory Group for Environmental Education (SAGEE)
    Steering Committee Member for this Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs' organization focused on advancing school-based environmental education in Massachusetts;

    - Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
    Subcommittee member that created the 60-page publication: 'Environmental Education in Massachusetts - A Resource Guide';

    - North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)
    Conference Steering Committee Member and Exhibit Hall Coordinator for the annual conference - Boston 2002;

    - New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA)
    Member and MEES Board Representative;

    - Round-up for the Rainforest
    Treasurer for this innovative organization that solicited donations to be used as grants for tropical rainforest projects which supported woman's efforts and were deemed sustainable beyond the initial grant;

    - Massachusetts Envirothon
    Contest Judge for seven years;

    - Newton's Green Decade Coalition
    Member and Volunteer;

    - Watertown Recycling Committee
    Drop-off Center Volunteer. The beginning, but certainly not the end, of my volunteer work on behalf of Planet Earth.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Managing Partner at CrunchTime
    April 1994 - Present

    CrunchTime Environmental Fundraisers began by offering a healthy dose of Environmental Education and Conservation to go with the scrumptious Newman's Own Organics chocolate bar. After more than ten years of working with Newman's Own Organics, that run came to an end when they doubled the size of their chocolate bar, throwing off all the margins to make it a feasible offering. Unable to find a comparable replacement chocolate bar, CrunchTime is transitioning into a totally-automated Online Green Products Fundraiser.

    Temporary Placement Coordinator at ProFile
    April 1989 - September 1991

    Specializing in front office support, I assumed control of a four-year old company that had been blacklisted by most of its clients because the former manager had all but abandoned them as he instead spent company time starting his own employment agency 30 miles away. Overcoming great resistance I was able to win back most of those clients and returned the company to profitability in less than eight months. Within two years I had nearly tripled the amount of business my predecessor had in his best year. In addition to dozens of smaller clients, some of my notable accounts included: Boston Scientific, Lifeline Systems, New England Confectioners, Lily Truck Leasing, and Boston Ballet. The recession of the early 90s caused the owner - short-sighted, in my opinion - to close the agency. As the country emerged from the recession, many companies, rather than hire full-time employees instead met their needs with temporary employees. By then, the office had been closed and I was working in a sales position with a former client at ProFile.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BS, Environmental Education, Lesley University
    May 1994

    AAS, Business Administration, University of Southern Maine
    May 1984

    AAS, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Paul Smiths College
    May 1980

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