Howard O'Brien
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Westborough , MA

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From a trusted referral source! Instant credibility and strenghtens the relationship with the client. The clients best interest is my first priority.

Current Work:
  • Home Mortgage Consultant at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    Home Mortgage Consultant at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
    May 2009 - Present

    Specializing in residential mortgages for the primary home owner, second homes and investment properties.

    Conversation History: (34 total)

    Date Person
    10/13/10 Monique MacKinnon
    09/29/10 Robert Skloff
    09/29/10 Shella Fitzpatrick
    09/29/10 Todd Weaver
    09/15/10 Bill Karp
    09/15/10 Shella Fitzpatrick
    09/15/10 Monique MacKinnon
    09/15/10 Laura Bonetzky-Joseph
    09/15/10 Deb Mullen
    09/15/10 Davis Cox
    09/15/10 Jeffrey Hattem
    09/15/10 Connie Dunn
    08/25/10 Jeffrey Hattem
    08/25/10 George J. Landau
    08/25/10 Davis Cox
    08/25/10 Julius Byrd
    06/23/10 Sue E Idelson
    06/23/10 Shella Fitzpatrick
    06/23/10 Laurie M Shields
    06/23/10 Anne Marie Rowse, BS,MBA, LNHA,CMC
    06/23/10 Deborah A. Buckley
    06/23/10 Carey S. Buttfield
    06/09/10 Diane Brown
    06/09/10 Shella Fitzpatrick
    06/09/10 Jay Groccia
    06/09/10 Birute Sinkeviciute
    06/09/10 Carey S. Buttfield
    05/12/10 Carey S. Buttfield
    05/12/10 Lynn Scheurell
    05/12/10 Birute Sinkeviciute
    04/28/10 Bill Kenneway
    04/28/10 Carey S. Buttfield
    04/28/10 Shella Fitzpatrick
    04/28/10 Peter Goodman