Linda Charter
Independent Marketing Executive, Melaleuca
West Bloomfield , Michigan

My Best Referral Is:
Individual or family that cares about using healthy products in their home and what they put in their bodies
Individual that is concerned about their weight and would like to learn how to eat chocolate and burn fat.
Single person or couple that loves to help others and would like to generate a secondary income stream.

  • Current Work:
  • Independent Marketing Executive at Melaleuca

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    Independent Marketing Executive at Melaleuca
    April 1997 - Present

    Helping individuals and families with their health and fitness issues using safe and natural products.

    Conversation History: (7 total)

    Date Person
    04/12/10 Kenneth J. Hardin II
    04/12/10 Eric Rasche
    04/12/10 Cheryl Mettler
    04/12/10 Lori Bell
    04/12/10 Monique MacKinnon
    04/12/10 Al Crawford
    04/12/10 Minesh Baxi