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Westboro , MA

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People who want to maximize their health and wealth, and those who have a passion for helping others while helping themselves. I work with anyone, particularly entrepreneurs (full time or part time) who want a regular stream of income from a home-based business. I can be of particular benefit to those who already do direct sales but have an up-and-down cash flow due to seasonal or erratic purchases by customers. I also work extensively with realtors, mortgage companies, or others who are 'between closings' in tough markets. I work with chiropractors, salon owners, gym owners, personal trainers - anyone who can provide support and appointments for nutritional customers.

I also work with many people in the teaching, training and community service fields, whose job prospects may be at risk or whose retirement program may be a bit thin.

What's more, I work with those moms or dads who want to be in business FOR themselves but not BY themselves. My goal is to help people make a full time income with part time hours, and bring one or both parents home from corporate America. I provide great support and a 22-year proven success system. This is an international opportunity with a company of impeccable credentials.

Current Work:
  • Independent Distributor at Reliv International
  • Previous Work:
  • Special Market Sales Director at Jewish FunnyBone & Bible Libel
  • Special Market Sales Director at NotPoliticsAsUsual.com
  • Director of Administration at M. L. King Jr. Business Empowerment Ctr.
  • Education:
  • Bachelor of Arts, Spanish, Bucknell University

  • Summary:
    Nutritional consulting with patented, unique and effective cutting edge products which are changing people's lives; building businesses based on outstanding opportunity with top food science company and top compensation plan in direct sales; supporting company's strong humanitarian mission to nourish the world.
    Nutritional consulting, teaching, administration, public speaking, writing/editing, customer service, business building. Strong skills in cross-learning and adaptation, multi-disciplinary approaches. Also reading, singing (particularly Jewish music), choral performances, writing song parodies.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Independent Distributor at Reliv International
    June 2008 - Present

    Independent business owner for top manufacturer of patented nutritional supplements which support the immune system by providing a bioavailable and synergistic blend of key vitamins, minerals, herbs, phytonutrients, etc. Top compensation plan in direct sales helps people to build businesses which are not dependent on corporate America and which provide residual income. Reliv has been rated one of the top companies both in terms of growth and ethical business practices.

    Special Market Sales Director at Jewish FunnyBone & Bible Libel
    January 2008 - July 2010

    Sales director for specialty greeting card line focusing on the funny aspects of religion, holidays and culture. Network with independent card stores, gift shops, and fundraisers within religious and cultural institutions (synagogues, community centers, etc.)

    Special Market Sales Director at NotPoliticsAsUsual.com
    January 2010 - July 2010

    Sales director for edgy political products (t-shirts, posters, buttons) advocating for an end to obstructionist politics and debt-inducing war efforts.

    Director of Administration at M. L. King Jr. Business Empowerment Ctr.
    June 2005 - December 2006

    Oversee administrative functions and write funding grants for non-profit business development organization. Organize training programs. Coordinate multi-agency minority voter education and engagement project.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Bachelor of Arts, Spanish, Bucknell University
    June 1974

    cum laude, Spanish Honor Society, Sprague Prize for Excellence in Spanish, successfully defended honors thesis.

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