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Business Growth and Supporting YOU
Phoenix , Arizona

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My Best Referral Is:
My best referral is someone like YOU! Someone who is looking to build a relationship with others, a giver who is out to help and support a fellow business owner. My best referral is also someone who believes in personal and professional development!
Marketing Collateral, Ideas, Training and Tutoring - I am here to help YOU make YOUR splash!

Current Work:
  • Owner / Facilitator at Working THE Gap
  • Owner at Your TO DO Gals

  • Summary:
    Picture this... If I help you make a splash in your business and then I help someone down the street, and then I help someone over 3 blocks - where am I and some others? In the waves! We all move as a result! Motivation, Inspiration, Ideas, Tasks and Collateral to help us all move!!
    Educational Networking!
    Motivational Speaking and more!!

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Owner / Facilitator at Working THE Gap
    January 2015 - Present

    Working the GAP - Where you are... Where you want to be... There is a GAP - Let's work this GAP and learn and grow!

    Owner at Your TO DO Gals
    January 2007 - Present

    Your TO DO Gals is a marketing firm, Graphic design company that is all about helping you engage with people!

    Conversation History: (38 total)

    Date Person
    09/01/15 Linda Etherton
    09/01/15 Joanie Lestak
    09/01/15 Debbie
    09/01/15 Jennifer Strohmaier
    09/01/15 Michelle Adams
    09/01/15 Mary DeYon
    09/01/15 Deb Mullen
    09/01/15 Shoshana Roller
    04/16/15 Deb Welch
    04/16/15 kathleen dashiell
    04/16/15 Eric Rasche
    04/16/15 Debbie Yoho
    04/16/15 margie moon
    04/16/15 Monica Yates
    04/16/15 Nina Laveson
    04/16/15 Shaye Waller
    02/03/15 Debbie Yoho
    02/03/15 Martha Machuga
    02/03/15 Teresa Ferenz
    02/03/15 Shoshana Roller
    02/03/15 Monica Yates
    02/03/15 Anita Nowocin
    02/03/15 Jamie Pawelski
    09/22/14 Judy Luffey
    09/22/14 Aundrea Beach-Greco
    09/22/14 Becky Nelson - The Flaming Gypsy
    09/22/14 Suzzette C Greany
    09/22/14 Martha Machuga
    09/22/14 Shyla Collier
    09/22/14 Karen Eastman
    08/13/14 Ashley Rawls
    08/13/14 Sandra Carpenter
    08/13/14 Carole Lombardi
    08/13/14 Veronica (Ronnie) Tice
    08/13/14 Abby Engelhardt
    08/13/14 Barbara Lent
    08/13/14 Laura Hopwood Hostetter
    08/13/14 Sam Curby