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Senior Director with Lemongrass Spa
Loveland , Co

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I am looking for well connected, movers and shakers in the Phoenix area to help bring a referral group to the area.

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  • Senior Director at Lemongrass Spa
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    Senior Director at Lemongrass Spa
    November 2012 - Present

    Can you believe it? I get paid to pamper ladies! I introduce healthy natural skin care products to help you look and feel your best at prices anyone can afford.

    Conversation History: (38 total)

    Date Person
    09/01/15 Tara Gitt
    09/01/15 Shyla Collier
    09/01/15 Shoshana Roller
    09/01/15 Debbie
    09/01/15 Deni Czulno
    09/01/15 Deb Welch
    09/01/15 Jennifer Strohmaier
    04/16/15 Sharon Botkin
    04/16/15 margie moon
    04/16/15 kathleen dashiell
    04/16/15 Shyla Collier
    04/16/15 Shoshana Roller
    04/16/15 Cheryl Clark - Your TO DO Gals/Working the GAP
    04/16/15 Carol Clark
    04/16/15 Twanda Hill-Digital Marketing/ALE Constant Contact
    02/03/15 Sonja Fullwood
    02/03/15 Barbara Larsen
    02/03/15 Anita Nowocin
    02/03/15 margie moon
    02/03/15 Cheryl Clark - Your TO DO Gals/Working the GAP
    02/03/15 Belinda Majestic
    02/03/15 Teresa Ferenz
    09/22/14 Marlana Wilson
    09/22/14 sergio rodriguez
    09/22/14 Karen Eastman
    09/22/14 Veronica (Ronnie) Tice
    09/22/14 Lorraine Bacuita
    09/22/14 Patti Ledbetter
    09/22/14 Tina Royer
    09/22/14 Sharon D Weil
    08/13/14 Laurie Nixie
    08/13/14 Patti Ledbetter
    08/13/14 Sam Curby
    08/13/14 karen sunderlin
    08/13/14 Laura Hopwood Hostetter
    08/13/14 Susan Urban
    08/13/14 Aneesah Nadir
    08/13/14 Cory W West