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Social Media Blitz
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Posted:2008-09-08 12:25:53 (*Posting Closed)
What is The Social Media Blitz?

It's like a club meeting or a networking mixer... but without all that travel time.

It's social - you actually talk to people. But you do it over the phone.

It's media - you help your verbal conversation with your online profile which has your info and can link to other sites.

It's a blitz - fast, fun and like a pack of linebackers crashing down on top of you.

It's an event where we talk about social media with people who like social media using a social media platform.

It's like speed networking over the phone - a series of private one-on-one conversations with people you know - or people you SHOULD know.

It's up to 15 one-on-one conversations in an hour and a half - and when it's over you're probably already home.

Leslie Poston (@geechee_girl) kicks off the event by starting a conversation with all of us about how to jump start your Twitter conversations... but after 15 minutes we break out into a series of one-on-one conversations to talk with each other about whatever we want.

It's the next big thing - so reserve your spot now!
Participants: 27 Confirmed:

Cappy Popp
Pamela Poston
Jeff D'Urso
Nick Inglis
David Jacks
Prashant Kaw
Steven Joseph Needham CIA, CISA, CISSP
Mari-Lyn Harris - Your Event Producer
Beth Bridges, The Networking Motivator (tm)
Bhupesh Shah
Angela Collier
Paulette Fontanez
Michele McCormack
Dave Evans

Lisa M. Forbes
Mike Sachleben
Larry Lawfer
Walter Schwabe
Peter Ganzel
Leslie Poston
Steven Harper
Rick & Rebecca Blayney SendOutCards
Deb Mullen
Mae Mason
Michele Schalin
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We're sorry - this event is full and is no longer available for new participants. Please join the next event.