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Social Media Blitz
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Posted:2008-11-11 14:20:00 (*Posting Closed)
Love Social Media? Love Social Networking?

The Social Media Blitz is like a Meetup where you don't have to leave your home. At the Social Media Blitz you'll have one-on-one conversations with at least 10 different people over the phone.

Before the on-on-one networking begins we're going to have a group conversation about how small business can get the most out of social media. Whether you're new to social media or an expert in the field, you're sure to get something enlightening out of this discussion.
Participants: 31 Confirmed:

Rob Birgfeld
Jeff D'Urso
Jen O'Donnell
Kevin M Huff
Maria Elena Duron
Michele McCormack
Mike Sachleben
Nick Inglis
Brent Trethewey
Cinthya Jones
Mae Mason
Sowmya Karmali
Robert Feeney
JoAnne Bassett
Avery Gimble
Anya Studenc Downing
Jim Freeman
Karen Vaillancourt
Mari-Lyn Harris - Your Event Producer
Beth Bridges, The Networking Motivator (tm)
Jay Groccia
Mike Langford
Justin Levy
Gopal Shenoy
Mary Davis
Giselle Conyette
Deb Mullen
Dale Donnelly

Susan Payton
Lisa M. Forbes
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We're sorry - this event is full and is no longer available for new participants. Please join the next event.